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... here to help Black people - people of melanic hue - get ready to meet their unfolding divine destiny 

Finally... We are Proud to Announce... An All New Anu Family Website!!! 
The Brand New Anu University-City is our Personal Empowerment portal where you can attain vital knowledge you won't find in traditional schools. Currently, through this new learning portal we present these powerful sessions:  
    • AERO Financial Empowerment course,
    • MindScaping: Re-tuning your Mind (de-programming and re-programming), and
    • Recitation of Our Sacred Texts: Readings of sacred scriptures from around the world.
Other courses, classes, and events will be announced in the coming weeks. So don't forget to sign-up for our e-Mail list so you won't miss announcements of upcoming events and specials.
Our new Anu Universe-City site does not replace this site; rather, it supplements it. You can get to the new web-space by going to '' or selecting one of the UNDERLINED links on this site.


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- Appendix D -- Black or Afrikan - Who are we? *
Wisdom of the Ages
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- Bits of His-Story
   -- Treaty of Tortecelli (1494) *
   -- King Leopold II of Belgium's Letter (the original Willie Lynch)


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