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Exciting News… It's Vital to Our Survival… and Right on Time!!!

As that old saying goes: 'you’ve got to sell something to make something' -- So perhaps you've considered opening a retail or vending business in an attempt to make your material dreams come true. But how many stores or other businesses can you think of that you can start for under $500? Moreover, what business(es) would also allow you to have very little overhead, no inventory, and built in diversification? And how many businesses offer the ability to fully "test drive" the business, in ‘real-time,’ before you risk your money? Well, now you've found ONE!

At this moment in our-story (our history) Anu Universe-City is launching another vital part of its curriculum for your elevation. It's called Anu Economic Recovery Overpass (AERO). And just in case you were wondering why we call it an ‘overpass,’ it's because we are tired of being driven into the bowels of social activity trying to make a meager living. We feel that it is essential we learn how to take the high road, the noble road, the honorable road, and travel above and not below divine law and morality, as we seek to manifest our rise to empowerment. Through the AERO strategy we help you to pursue a moral, ethical, financial, cultural, and societal interchange that elevates you, your family, and your community above those who would rather see us remain ignorant freed-slaves, people wallowing in the dust of illicit economic endeavors (like drug marketing, pimping, and using).

As for those of you who want to be ‘real revolutionaries,’ you must come to understand that the one thing that propels our common bestial enemy, the fomenter of wars, is money. Yes, money is the life’s blood of this beast. Which means that if you want to deliver a decisive blow to our age-old enemy, one way is to find a way to siphon off his money supply; which is exactly what the AERO project accomplishs. In fact, over the past forty years now have we gotten any closer to a viable revolutionized population then they were three or four decades ago? I don't think so. Also, are the so-called ‘old school revolutionaries’ any closer to being able to design and fund the manufacture of weapons for their own use today then they were back in 'the day'? Again, the answer is NO! These facts leave us with a real dilemma, and a question. The question is this: How do Black people and other progressive people of color (who are members of the greater Black family) effectively empower themselves, and produce the essentials needed to wage an effective ‘revolt’ against a state that is an enemy to God and to hue+mans around the globe? I believe one strategy includes being able to focus on spiritually, economically, and ethically enriching ourselves, while at the same time, depleting our enemy's power source.

AERO is a learning platform for economically, financially, morally, ethically and intellectually empowering Black individuals, Black families and subsequently Black communities (again this includes all progressive People of Color). AERO also links us back to our legacy as business men and women, people of righteous commerce that traded throughout Afrika, Asia, Europe, the Amerikas, and elsewhere, before global white nationalism came into being. Similarly, it links us back to an even more distant era when Afrikans were the master teachers of business and commerce to all other peoples of the globe; and now it brings us forward into the present time where through joint efforts and interests, we can relearn to work smarter to get where we need to go, rather than just working harder, and getting nowhere fast!

Towards these objectives, consider just some of the objectives AERO pursues for our liberation:

1- It offers individuals and families a firm foundation on which to build and stabilize their lives;

2- It offers us an aggregate economic base from which we can support institutions that have our best interest at heart;

3- Once economically empowered, we can then build manufacturing plants that will supply for our needs (including 'guns and butter');

4- It provides a mechanism through which we can repair ourselves; because quiet as it’s kept, white society in never going to pay us the over $166 trillion they owe Black folk in reparations -- this includes repair for damages to persons and property, land theft, back wages, and it doesn't include damages accrued to all of our pain and suffering, nor for those millions of Afrikans and other indigenious peoples who were murdered during the middle-passage and the subsequent grab for other peoples' land; furthermore,

5- By amassing wealth and being able to offer the masses employment and life training, we will be better able to effectively influence them; and then they will be better prepared to understand the wisdom of total liberation.

This five point transformation of a renewing society will be done in phases. Phase I of AERO consists of seminars and a course of training covering financial markets and how to trade them. Moreover, the knowledge attained in these courses also equally applies to Stocks and Commodities markets, and other trading opportunities. Here we explain why futures and commodities trading is a business many of us have so little knowledge of, yet it is one that can economically empower thousands of us, and it can do so in a very short period of time. Moreover, this course of study brings our history into line with our present condition; and it then leads us towards our prophetic future.

To give you a little background on trading markets, as well as on how they work and how you can derive tremendous profits from them, we invite you to sit in on one of our FREE Seminars. These are overview sessions that show what you'll learn in the overall program. Some sessions are Live, while others are recorded; but either way, you'll come away with a whole new way of see how these markets can give you an opportunity to change your life, your family's options, and put you in a position whereby you can help to uplift your community.

All of AERO's class are ONLINE and LIVE (unless specifically stated). In these interactive environments, you hear the instructor 'live' and you will be given an opportunity to ask questions and get immediate answers. All you need to participate is access to a PC that either has speaks or a headphone jack. And, if you wish to ask questions, you can do that either by speaking into a microphone, if you have one connected to your computer, or you can type out your message in a text messaging area in the class room. This technology is simple and effective.

The actual training program begins with the AERO Basic Session. This class provides an introductory overview of trading in specific markets. It consists of one 2-1/2 hour class. These are powerful insights into how markets operate, how prices go up and down, and most importantly, how you can profit whenever they go up OR down. The Basic class is essential so that you can begin hearing the terminology and concepts that are used by traders worldwide. Thus it is mandatory for all students.

Following the Basic class, you will then be ready to delve into the heart of the matter. At this point you will begin the first of four Comprehensive Sessions. It is during these four approximately 2-1/2 'live' classes that you begin acquiring the skills needed to become a successful international currency and futures trader. can then register for our comprehensive 2-day practicum class. Here you get instructions on how to trade successfully in any market (this includes currency, commodities, futures, and stock markets). As a student you learn how to start your own trading business, and how to trade in any market. As important, you'll also learn when not to trade, as well as how to properly invest your monies. Last but not least, you learn how to make a real difference in improving the greater condition of your community.

As an integral part of our relationship we provide extended insights that help our students succeed in all aspects of life. Upon completion, you will have direct access to AERO advisors for on-going support, and you will be invited to sit in on our weekly web-conference. In these conferences, you'll gain even more insights into 'real world' opportunities, techniques for better trading, as well as lifestyle skills. During these sessions, you'll continue learning from people who are there to help you master the techniques, and succeed in trading and in life. Graduates of the Trading Course will also have access to recordings of classes so they can review and supplement their body of knowledge.

As you can see, this course is designed to give you a skill-set that can lead to economic and personal empowerment.

For many years, our parents and elders told us to "go to school, get an education, so you can get a Good Job." Well, understand that in this world a J.O.B. only appears to be the safe way. The reality is that a J.O.B. is most likely more risky an investment than trading. Just ask the millions of people who are currently unemployed, under-employed, fearing cut-backs, down-sizing and out-sourcing, or those who are just miserable in their J.O.B. Furthermore, not only can’t you get wealthy on a J.O.B., but few people even see the axe (the "pink slip") coming before it falls.

You must understand one important point: No One attains wealth without taking risks, and usually the greater the risk, the greater the reward one can expect. The risks we encourage you to consider in our trading program are prudent, calculated risks. These are business risks, not luck, uninformed speculation, or pure chance. Learning to trade currencies, futures, and commodities, using the strategies and tactics taught in the AERO course therefore constitutes prudent risk because you use tools and techniques for forecasting future outcomes in the market. Furthermore, in this course you learn not one, but a number of forecasting techniques, which help you -- predict the future.

One other thing you should consider. The federal government says that it's protecting ‘the poor’ by making it difficult for economically marginalized people to open up brokerage accounts for trading commodities or futures. Yet, while they're ‘protecting’ the poor from possible losses (or profits), the government legalizes alcohol, cigarettes and other tobacco products, as well as a growing number of prescription drugs, almost all of which are linked to tens of thousands or even millions of premature deaths each and every year. In fact, many of the 'legal' prescription drugs they strongly encourage us to consume, actually have some horrific side effects. The point is this: If the government, which says it is charged with ‘protecting society’ from grievous injury, allows us to partake in such dangerous things as those listed above, then is it really us they are protecting?

If they are only looking out for our best interest, then why do they try to restrict us from having even a prudent chance at self-sufficiency? Just think about it this way. Even if a person were to go into the 'markets' with no knowledge, they would still have a much greater chance of 'striking it rich' than if they simply chose to play the legal, government sanctioned lotto games several times a week. Think about it: With lotto, you’re talking about PURE LUCK. There is no way you can learn how to predict lotto numbers. To make the point a little clearer, consider that most of the larger jack-pots, like MEGA Lotto, PowerBall and others, have odds that are greater than 77 million-to-1, against you! Those odds are tantamount to THEFT!!!

But unlike the lotto, in the AERO Trading course you can learn simple, proven, and consistent techniques that offer you a real prospect of gaining self-sufficiency, by trading currencies and/or commodity futures. But again, you’ve got to receive the training... You've got to get the knowledge... And the AERO course makes this available to you NOW!

If you are to profit and succeed in life, than instead of hoping or even praying for luck, understand that in the final analysis it always boils down to two things – Knowledge (Preparation) and the Will (Commitment) to succeed.

But still the government says NO to the poor masses! And they make it an open or free marketplace for those individuals who have more than $25,000 in investment capital, and whose family income is greater than $300,000 per year. But when it comes to people who have just a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, it’s too risky. Well, the reality is that a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars won’t keep the cold off of anyone for very long; especially if that's all you have in savings. Even for a humble retirement you’ll need much more than that. Unfortunately today, nearly 80% of the elderly HAVE TO WORK after age 65 just to stay at the upper range of poverty in Amerika. Which is yet another reality the government has created and maintains 'for our protection'!

So what are we to do? More specifically, what are you going to do??

Obviously, this course and strategy for personal empowerment through trading currencies, futures, and commodities goes against the government’s wishes. The fact is, that at Anu World we respectfully must surrender to the greater needs of the people; all of the people who need at least a chance to attain substance and abundance in their lives. Yes, the markets are risky. Yes you can 'loose money.' But what I’ve found is that the markets are a far safer risk than betting $5.00 a week (or more than $260.00 a year) on the 'legal' lotto game!

We will show you how that same $260.00 could have earned you $50,000 in just one or two months! And the risk to you would only be about $75.00!

As a place to invest money, the futures, currency and commodities markets offer a degree of leverage that few if any other business can offer. Where real estate gives you a 20-to-1 leverage, currency markets can give  you up to 400-to-1 leverage! And once you get the knowledge of how to trade, you’ll be able to profit in virtually any market. And as you acquire more knowledge, you learn to generate greater and greater profits.

In the AERO course, we show you how to "cut loses" and "let profits roll in." In this course, you are taught simple, consistent methods that elegantly do just that—minimize losses and maximize gains. When you follow these simple concepts, you will consistently earn much more than you face in losses.

Again, we believe that if a person can only muster up $1000, $500 or even as little as $300 they should be able to get knowledge so they can at least have a chance of buliding a viable trading business of their own. Through AERO we extend to you a way to build a business, even if you have very little money to start with.

Yes, $1,000, $500 or even $300 is a lot of money to a person who has very little capital, but the prospects of growing that money can be enhanced if only we can train you to trade (to buy or sell) something, and to do so in a wise and prudent manner. Remember, ‘a fool and his money will soon be parted’ (the gambler); but a person who takes the time and makes the sacrifices to learn what he or she needs to know, can profit in an "open marketplace." By committing the time to go beyond the basics, one can earn an honorable living, which is what you can accomplish by learning the techniques contained in the AERO trading course.

One more thing: It is my solemn promise that I will work to my fullest, to help at least 100 people become millionaires within three years (i.e., by the end of 2009). It can be done, and I’ll show you exactly how you can be one of them.

In addition to tremendous leverage, here are some other benefits of starting your own Trading Business:

Liquidity (allows instant access to profits!)

Volatility (price fluctuations that make profit possible)

o and remember, you can make money whether prices move up or down

Diversity of Markets (including International markets)

Predictability (ways to profit on a regular basis)

Loss Protection/Management (methods to stop or limit losses)

Constant information – streaming 24/7 (you have access to markets around the world)

Profits via a trading business give a person a ‘real’ chance to move into a lifestyle they've always dreamt of – not in twenty or thirty years, but in three years or less.

It is the only business you can actually ‘practice’ in real-time before you risk one investment dollar. This means you’ll know whether it works for you before you commit your money. And, we'll show you how to practice for FREE!

Again, in your futures business there are: NO customers to deal with / NO direct selling to people / NO inventory to store and manage / NO spoilage / NO fear of thief / NO storefront to pay for / NO set time to work / and you can do it part-time or full-time.

You’ll have ALL of the tax benefits of owning your own business; and,

With your own Futures Business, your future will be in your own hands; not in someone else’s, or left in the hands of chance.

As you can see, this is knowledge you shouldn’t miss out on. So if you don’t know what futures/commodities trading is, then I strongly urge you to inquire about the next Anu World AERO Seminar and find out how it can help you radically change your financial future. And in case you were wondering, just about anyone can learn how to trade. For instance, if you can balance a check book, use a calculator, and a reasonably good memory you can learn to profit in a trading business.

Finally, you have to understand that the benevolent government's plan for your future is a lotto game or social (in)security, which is just another lotto game. And for those of you hoping to hit the million-dollar lotto, realize that you have a better chance of a 747 jet filled with gold landing in your backyard with your name of it than you have winning a huge lotto.

Understand that in this reality, life for most of us is a cruel, cold experience, and it is often especially harsh when you have no practical hope of changing your condition. Now, the AERO course in currency and futures trading offers you a way to absolutely change your financial future.

The next step is up to you... Contact Anu World today and learn how you can attend our next AERO Introductory Seminar, or how you can enroll in the next AERO Sessions.

To paraphrase a Bible prophecy:

"... after 400 years of oppression and captivity, our people will return to the land of their mothers and fathers with great substance and abundance, and will live to a good old age." (Genesis 15:13-15)

Again, the next move is yours.
If you would like more information or if you would just like to express your interest in the AERO financial empowerment course email us at:


'Money is not the primary thing that we need;
but it is hard for a hungry man to hear wisdom.'
- IM' Nur


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