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The Anu Philosophy
 The Anu-World philosophy is that everyday, in every way, it will take a vanguard of Black seed people working in concert to help awaken, motivate, and prepare the 'sleeping giant' that is finally beginning to stir--The Black masses. One reality is that it will take a fully alert, fully functional people to do the REAL work that lies before us. By working together we will be able to do all of the things that are required of any free people who would commission themselves to live in a world of PEACE and PROSPERITY. Furthermore, if prophecy holds true, it is a world WE MUST BUILD for ourselves. No one else can do it for us but us!

As part of our vision, we always have to keep in mind that our parents and grand-parents never lost hope that Peace would some day find us worthy. Although they had no idea how it would unfold, most of them believed that it would take a power greater than all others to orchestrate our recovery. Today, in response to their prayers, the wonderful forces of nature are now converging, signaling that a time of change is upon us; and as we enter this re-newing period, Anu-World Unlimited will work to aid in the process of bringing our fore-parents' hopes and dreams to fruition.

The challenge before us is this: Before Black people can once again institute Peace on Ta (our ancient name for earth), we must first re-learn how to work as One. To this end, a central part of Anu-World's mission is to help Black people practice working together--as we practice building a world of our own design. Our-story, recorded in the stones of the pyramids and other ancient monuments, clearly shows that in a previous period Black people naturally worked together. When they did, they were able to build what many now refer to as 'Wonders of the World.' We, at Anu-World Unlimited, firmly believe that today we can regain the spirit of working as One; and when we do, we will be able to build even greater 'Wonders' in the future.

So come, join with us (and/or with other progressive organizations) and help build the wonders of a new (Anu) world.

One Love... One Aim... One Destiny


Support Anu World Today so that our new world can take

root and grow like a mighty tree of life.

The Anu Vision

The Anu-World Unlimited (A-WU) website serves as an educational portal for people of color who desire liberation from white supremacy, and who long for a world in which we can live together in peace. Its chief mission is to provide access to information essential in preparing us to attain the glorious future that prophecy says awaits us. To help meet this objective, we compile and make available an assortment of articles, lectures, speeches, courses, poetry, graphics, and other insightful works that readers and subscribers might find of interest. A-WU also welcomes your input. For instance, we encourage you to send in essays, artwork, ideas, poems, stories, etc. to Black Light Journal to help make it a more holistic experience.

In a of publications, you will consistently find vital information—from segments on our-story to his-story, from science to music, nutrition to environmental design, all the way to spirituality and solutions to problems spawned by 'modern' life. Here at Anu World we cover the gambit. In fact, we attempt to cover the essentials of what we, as a people, need to survive this sahu world of man-kind; and to eventually bring about a new (Anu) world, a world based on Truth and Justice for all hu+manity.

To do this, we provide insights in the following functional areas:

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Building and Maintaining Communal Villages
  • Spiritual Reclamation, and
  • Anu Curriculum for Universal Education and Elevation

Other topic areas will be inserted as conditions require new direction, new emphasis, or a new vision.



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