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This is a book that every Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, and even White person MUST READ if he or she wants to understand where they come from and the source of their broader social and psychological relationships.



 The Meaning of Blackness

Uncovering the Secret of Secrets-The Nature and Destiny of a People


Most of us have our own opinions about ‘what blackness is.’ In The Meaning of Blackness, we now have a source that defines what it is in an objective way. In its pages, you won't find one man’s opinion about our identity, rather there you will find what the most objective source in visible universe - science and nature - has to say it is. In other words, you’ll find out what creation itself has to say about Blackness. As an overview, the book expounds on these and other topics:


  • In Chapters 1 and 2, The Meaning of Blackness shows how some are deluded about the so-called “race problems” or color-line in America and throughout the world. It is a book that can help you to more fully understand the true nature of the ‘real problem,’ and it offers logical solutions we should consider. As it does this, The Meaning of Blackness clarifies the REAL roots of ‘racism’.
  • This book also explains how a worldwide minority group – white-skinned people, a people who are less than 12% of the world’s population – have so successfully subdued an entire planet and its indigenous people of color.
  • In Chapters 5 and 6, learn what the most objective source of knowledge – science – has to say about the universal nature of Blackness.
  • In The Meaning of Blackness learn some facts that the current ‘art’ of genetics won’t or can’t explain about who we are.
  • In Chapters 8 and 10, IM Nur utilizes the most recent and accurate information contained in science to produce a stunning expose of hu+manity’s origins and our purpose in creation.
  • Then in Chapter 8 learn what our sacred texts of the world, called scriptures, have to say about Blackness and hu+manity’s purpose and destiny.
  • Learn what ‘they’ never intended for you to know about the origins of man, and more specifically, about the origins of white people (when, where, and how they came into begin).
  • The analysis contained in The Meaning of Blackness represents a new generation of Black intellectual thought. In it IM Nur offers a novel, unambiguous, non-traditional view of man’s development and evolution.
  • As you will find, The Meaning of Blackness likely proposes the only real rational solution to our over 400 year old problem. It calls this solution – The Ultimate Solution.

 As you’ll see, this only reflects a sampling of the knowledge you’ll get when you read The Meaning of Blackness: Uncovering the Secret of Secrets-The Nature and Destiny of a People.  It is truly knowledge we all need… We needn’t go around any longer presuming to know. Now we have the evidence that proves our worth to ourselves and to our Creator. And these are just some of the reasons why every Black person desperately needs to read The Meaning of Blackness!

That as a primer on the ‘Black Reality,’ this great work brings to an emerging new generation of reader, wisdom they can use to solve the so-called “race problem”. If you are skeptical, READ IT FOR YOURSELF. Compare its strategy for facilitating our rise to power against others. And in the process, please join the growing chorus who are singing the praises of The Meaning of Blackness.

Author IM' Nur with the renowned scholar Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan (May 2004)

You truly need to read this book. So contact Anu World Publications' OnLine Marketplace or go to your local Black bookstore for your copy.

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