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Author IM Nur

I.M. Nur was born in Jamaica, New York. Between the ages of 3 and 8, he lived in the deep-south (Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi). These were indeed formative years, as he was able to see the extremes and reality of racism--Amerikan style (i.e., both north and south).

After returning to New York, he tried to assimilate and do what was "expected" of him. However, as a result of bussing and boredom, IM Nur was discharged from high school in his junior year. After being put out of public school, he learned about an innovative, alternative school for high school 'drop-outs.' The school was in Harlem and it was called The Harlem Preparatory School. Students and the people in the community simply called it ‘The Prep.’ It was here that Mr. Nur met and studied with the renowned Afrikan historian, teacher, and Egyptologist Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan (known to many as ‘Dr. Ben’). For more than two years, Dr. Ben taught the gospel of Afrikan Studies and political economics, as only he could. Then, during his last year at The Prep, Mr. Nur was awarded an internship in African Ethnology at the prestigious American Museum of Natural History. This experience would broaden his insight into ancient and contemporary African culture. It also helped him to better understand why Afrika is portrayed as a misfit in today’s world.

Yet even before his days at The Prep, Mr. Nur knew that his natural inclination was in the domain of societal engineering, and developing strategies that would ensure a Black future. After graduating from The Prep, I.M. Nur attended a number of colleges and universities studying subjects like physics, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, business, economics, and environmental design.

Following college, he worked for some fifteen years as an analyst in the fields of systems engineering, environmental analysis, business development, and information technology; concurrent with his professional pursuits, he worked with a number of community-based organizations, to facilitate the rise of Black people. At present, much of his time is spent researching our-story, creating innovative way of mastering our destiny, writing, lecturing, and managing the affairs of Anu World Unlimited.

I.M. Nur’s personal philosophy is that with knowledge and a tuned mind we can become whatever we truly desire. Put another way, it is only after we develop the ‘true self,’ the ‘godly self’ that resides within each of us, will we be able to forge a lifestyle rooted in real and lasting Peace and Freedom; which means, the 'kingdom is at hand' because it is in our hands.'

If you would like more information about The Meaning of Blackness, Anu World Unlimited, or to schedule a lecture, interview, signing, or other event you can call I.M. Nur at: (678) 270-4003.

Or write him at: ‘imnur@anu-world.com’.

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