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Our overall strategy as we evolve our psycho-spiritual solution must also include an economic component, so that the body of hu+manity – the individuals, families, and communities – can live with dignity and honor. It must also include an educational component through which we can dispel the lies and falsehoods we’ve been taught to believe in. Further it must also offer a strategy through which we can systematically meld into a viable span of communities reaching around the globe. And these only represent the minimum compliment of the wisdom we’ll need to adopt as we begin moving towards real empowerment and liberation.

Anu C.R.S.T.I. is fundamentally interconnected with the publishing and educational components described above. Information, economic development, human development, and the integration of social institutions all make up the basis of Anu C.R.S.T.I.’s mission and objectives; which is, the absolute liberation of hu+manity from all oppression and especially the current white oppression and exploitation that threatens our very existence.

In this respect, we are not just looking to build a successful publishing or information business. No… Our ultimate objective is to help people to eventually develop themselves, and as they come together, evolve self-sustaining autonomous communities – Productive communities that will then serve as the fabric of a liberated world.





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