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An on-going series of lectures that speaks to vital topics Black People MUST Come to Know


     Beginning January 2006, Anu Universe-City will sponsor the Anu Black Empowement - Lecture Series. These consist of focued discussions on important thematic topics. Visitors to the Anu World Unlimited website can now preview each presentation for FREE. You can then order the full-length version of any lecture, either via our Online Marketplace site or by mail. The price for each lecture is $3.00 for online delivery (thru email), or $10.00 for quality CDs sent via US mail (includes shipping and handling).  


Here are just a few Topics you’ll find in the Black Empowerment - Lecture Series:

  • The Origin of Hu+manity
  • The Nature of a Lie
  • Why is there so much confusion on - The God Thing?
  • What's it all about? (It's all about YOU!)
  • Are we alone? Is there a God?
  • Why did the Creator create man with such a powerful mind?
  • An Introduction to Survival - Tactics and Strategies
  • Is the Bible real history?
  • A brief history of the modern Christian church
  • Budgeting for financial stability and empowerment
  • How we will stand up, ‘an exceedingly great army’
  • Moving from poverty to global authority - ways and means
  • and Much, Much More...


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Stay Tuned for More Great Topics...


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