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***  Important Notice  ***

Because there is so much noise and confusion coming from so many directions (both online and off-line), I find far too many people asking, "... but what can I do"? Today we are all surrounded by so much information and so many options that, by design, it leaves us overwhelmed, and feeling indecisive and powerless.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can do something powerful, something that will make a real difference. YOU can simply make a decision to support 1 or 2 information sources each month.

I'm not talking about making huge donations. I'm talking about you spending just a few dollars, or whatever you can afford, on a regular monthly basis, with information sources that inform and inspire you.

Like other Information Providers, ANU WORLD could really use your support...

And in terms of what we offer:  You can see from the sheer scope of topics on our website that we are truly striving to inform, enlighten, inspire, and empower "The People of Destiny".

So, if this website and the mission of ANU WORLD means anything to you, I urge you to buy at least one of our quality lectures once a month. Again, we are NOT asking you to give us anything. We're only asking you to Trade -- 'value for value';  for this is the honorable way... Fact is, $3.00 is affordable for even some of the poorest among us. Which means, the only excuse for those who visit our site but don't participate, is that you're just not feeling the information...

But if you are feeling it, then understand that it is your ACTIONS in the real-world that makes the real difference in the quality of our tomorrows, and that allows entities like ANU WORLD to remain here to serve your needs.

So I urge you to ACT Wisely... Act Now!

Tomorrow is NOT Guaranteed.


Your Brother in Truth,

IM' Nur



If there is something we can do better, always feel free to drop us an email and make it plain. -- Asante Sana.



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Featured Book

·        The Meaning of Blackness: Uncovering the Secret of Secrets-The Nature and Destiny of a People. According to MANY readers 'this is perhaps one of the four most important works on the experience of Black people.' Read it for yourself... Discuss it with others... Judge for yourself if this book's message is vital to our body of knowledge. Order TODAY!
* Illustrated * Bibliography * Indexed * 290+ pages softcover * w/ Appendices.
$18.95 (plus shipping and handling).
SORRY... We are Temporarily Out of Stock.
A new printing should arrive in two or three weeks. If you would like to order the book or get additional information you can call - 678-270-4003.

        Man As the Personification of God: From Antiquity to You --  In this paper, the reader is taken on an excursion into the principal myths of the Western and Eastern worlds. From the primal story coming from the ‘Osirian Drama,’ to those of Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus we learn how all of these central figures of human theology are related. This is contrary to most accounts that attempt to prove how one is ‘the true’ divine archetype, while the others are only vain beliefs. The overall aim of this piece is to establish that humanity is still on its journey to divinity; that we all have to become godlier, otherwise man and mankind will meet a self-induced, violent end.
* Bibliography * Illustrated * 40 page booklet
$7.00 (plus shipping and handling).

CDs, DVDs, and Tapes

        The Nature of Blackness – May 2004 at First World in Harlem NYC (100 min.) $12.00

        The Theology of Blackness – June 2004 at First World in Harlem NYC (130 min.) $15.00

        The Destiny of Black People – October 2004 at First World in Harlem NYC (c.80 min.) $12.00


        NEW...  AERO Financial Empowerment Classes
The AERO curriculum consists of five (5) 2-1/2 hour online training sessions. Each one is LIVE, which means that if you don't understand something, you can ask questions right then and there. The BASIC Class covers the fundamentals of trading currencies and futures. Here you'll learn the language of trading, as well as key concepts. It is crucial that you take the Basic Class before attempting to go forward in the course. Following the Basic Class therer are four (4) Comprehensive Sessions. In these classes you'll gain insights into markets, price movements, techniques for forecasting price movements, how to open a brokerage account, and how to actually trade and profit in these lucrative markets. In addition, you'll also learn about the most important factor in trading, your mind and how to cultivate a humanistic and success psyche. This course will also cover markets you should consider trading, those not to trade, and why not. Get insights into risk management techniques and we'll share a simple formular with you for going from a few hundred dollars to six figures and beyond... In less than three years!!! Again, the information in the Basic Class is a prerequisite for the Comprehensive four-part training. 
The total cost of the AERO training program is just $750!!! BUT NOTE that you only need to pay $250 plus the registration fee of $25 to begin your studies. The $500 balance is due AFTER you complete the training and begin making a profit!!! So compare this price against those other courses that cost $2,500 to over $5,000. Plus, the AERO course is fully guaranteed. 
-- You can register here for our LIVE Courses or you can go to the AERO webpage at ''. Again, the $25.00 covers the registration fee, which allows you to attend the 2-1/2 hour AERO Basic session.  
Registration Fee: - $25.00
Go to '' to register for the AERO or other Anu World Courses.

        Introductory Course in Mind-Scaping: The course begins by detailing how the brain and mind work together. The listener is given Meditation and Mind Expanding Techniques for revitalizing your higher mind. This two part course consists of (1) The Nature of Creation and (2) Divine Communications thru MindScaping. (Each course consists of 2 Tapes or CDs and a course guide) $19.00. {2006}

        Advanced Course in Mind-Scaping: This course presents techniques that inform and empower. Here you learn how to promote Health, Wealth, Success, and the re-birth of the divinity that is dormant within us. The two lessons in this course reveals (1) The Science of Empowerment, and (2) Healing a Sick Body and mind. (Each course consists of 2 Tapes or CDs and a course guide) $19.00. {2006}

        Introduction to - Basic Knowledge – An overview of a more comprehensive work. Produced and written by I.M. Nur, this recording gives the listener more food for thought regarding concepts we need to know, but won’t take the time to learn. (30 min. Tape/CD)  $5.00.

        The Fundamentals of Strategic Planning for Black Liberation. In this series we discuss the rudiments of strategic planning. This represents a methodology for assigning and allocating resources and achieving major objectives in your personal life, your professional life, or in your spiritual life. (CD/Tape and Booklet) $15.00 


Radio and Other Interviews 

(Call or write to order at this time)

        Radio Interview On - October 19th, 2005 (2 Hr.) $12

        Radio Interview On WRFG w/ Akhenaten S'L'M Bey October 2003 (2 Hr.) $12 (First radio interview on the topic of Blackness.)

        Radio Interview On - March 22nd 2004 (2 Hr.) $12

        Radio Interview with Jamaal Goree - November 6th 2003 (1 Hr.) $10

        Radio Interview with Imhotep-Gary Byrd - February 11th 2004 (1 Hr.) $10

        Radio Interview with El-Sayeed at CCNY Radio - June 8th 2004 (1 Hr.) $10


        Video: On The Nature of Blackness: and what we must now do - Presented at the W. Las Vegas Library, June 26th 2004 (2 Hr.) $20 {Not Available at this Time} 


        I.M. Nur - Anu Beginning Radio Programs; Miami, Fl. 1996-1997 on WAVS AM Radio (20 minutes each) $5 per segment, or any three segments for $12
-- The Need for Change
-- The Story of the First Murdered Savior-Ausar (Osiris)
-- Women in the Bible
-- Ghana/Mali/Songhay - Three High Cultures in W. Afrika (all 3 parts) $12
-- ask for other program topics


Anu World's

 Black Empowerment

Lecture Series

Online Delivery – $3.00 each.

CD/Mailed to You – $10.00 each.

(For these lectures, we pay shipping/handling costs.)


        The Nature of a Lie

Online Delivery: $3.00 each -

CD by Mail: at $10.00 each -

        Origin of Hu+Manity - Part I
Speciation and Evolution

Online Delivery: at $3.00 each -

CD by Mail: at $10.00 each -

        Origin of Hu+Manity - Part II
Raciation to Modern Man

Online Delivery: at $3.00 each -

CD by Mail: at $10.00 each -

Upcoming Lectures

        Origin of Hu+Manity - Part III
Expansion of Worlds: Civilizations to Empires
(Based on Demand)

        Why Are We So Divided on - The God Thing?

{Late March 2006}.

        Reconciling the Irreconcilable - Powerful Ways to Fight Back

{Late March 2006}.

        An Introduction to the Economics of Liberation

{Coming April 2006}

        5000 Years of Hell - Why Was It Necessary?

{Coming May 2006}

        And More Lectures Are on the Way. So Stay Tuned.


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