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Question:  Can you train a venomous cobra the same way you’d train a dog?


Problem Black people have been woefully unsuccessful in uprooting or liberating themselves from the present Euro-centric world order; and at the same time, they've been unable to attain an honorable lifestyle within this white world. The real question then becomes:  why have we been so unsuccessful in Amerika and the Western World?


Answer:  Like a dog chasing its tail, or like an ignorant person trying to ‘train’ a cobra, over the past sixty years we've been identifying the wrong problem. In other words, we have been trying to tame or train the wrong beast. This results from the fact that we have been seduced into seeing the problem and the world incorrectly. For more than fifty years, we were taught to see ourselves and our problems through glasses that filter out key portions of reality. Through the guise of social institutions, our enemy has trained us... Yes trained us, including our Black intelligencia and leaders, to believe that our problems in this world are primarily the results of politics and political choices.


The truth, however, is that our fundamental problems, and this is true for Afrikans wherever they can be found in the white Western World, are not political at all. In essence, our core problems are psycho-spiritual. That is to say, our minds and our spirits have been systematically misaligned, leaving us unaware and unprepared to take actions that could possibly empower us.


If we are to ever recover from this nightmare, it is imperative that we come to understand that virtually all of our political leaders and almost all of our religious leaders are not representatives of the people or God. That knowingly or unknowingly, they are functionally agents of the U.S. Federal Government. More precisely, most of them are agents or slaves of the I.R.S.!

Here's one simple test to prove or disprove this hypothesis:  when was the last time you heard any of them talk about Black LIBERATION? And, I'm talking about liberation in this Life. In most cases, they just don’t talk about such 'passť' ideals. This is because their mission or J.O.B. description was rewritten by white social controllers that they would merely reinforce Black people's assimilation, or give us false hopes of integrating in the American society. This way we would continuously seek to amalgamate, and thus remain voluntarily bound to the fabric of the corporate entity called the United States of America. In even simpler terms, their mission is essentially to keep us appended to the social ‘melting-pot’ of ‘diversity’ so we might never find our way back to self-identity, self determination, self-sufficiency, and true freedom.

Based on their 'whitened' sensitivity, most of them would love it if we’d all become ‘boiled down’ versions of our oppressor and their children – that is, for us to have black skin and white minds. And as the sponsors of this ‘leadership style,’ our oppressor’s primary desire is that we produce 10s, 100s, 1000s, or even millions of Colin Powells and Condoleezza Rices.

The bottom line is that so long as we follow any analyses that point to a ‘political solution’ or a purely 'religious solution' as our response to our condition – WE CAN NEVER ATTAIN SUCCESS!

As this conclusion suggests, we desperately need another view of reality, and another approach to resolving our more than 400 year old problem. The fact is that contrary to popular belief, Black people are in a more dangerous situation today than we have experienced in more than one hundred fifty years as freed-slaves in Amerika. As we can all see, many of our businesses are failing; our schools are failing a growing number of young people; dropouts become juveniles, who then become reactive criminals. And those who do 'make it through' and graduate high school are merely acculturated to do the following: 1) maintain another people’s world, 2) become economic mercenaries in the U.S. military industrial complex – an establishment which only seeks to promote white nationalism around the world – and, 3) those who remain 'outside' the norm, are targeted by the 'whipping winds' of white Nationalism and ‘compassionate conservatism’ to forever be part of a growing and expanding under-class. Many of these too are systematically herded into federal and state prisons across the country. There they are relegated to serving as 21st century slaves, often forced to work for 25 or 35 cents an hour. And this unfortunately is where nearly one-quarter of our young men and an increasing number of our young women are growing into adults. 

Our only hope for reversing this cycle, born out of desperation and despair, is to step up and began building not just businesses that might give some people a job and the prospects of equity ownership, but our own institutions that will help unleash a movement that gives every one in our community the sense of a rational and purposeful future. In other word, we need a coherent, organizational mindset, one that ingrains in us, a sense of DESTINY.

Anu Universe-City as the educational arm of Anu World Unlimited is dedicated to doing just that. Its mission is to help instill a renewed sense of Destiny into a people who desperately 'love their worst nightmare.' Through Anu Universe-City we provide a range of access points to knowledge that can enliven our entire community, individual by individual. Its domain includes works like the featured offering of Anu World Unlimited, a book entitled The Meaning of Blackness: Uncovering the Secret of Secrets-The Nature and Destiny of a People by IM Nur. As part of its work, Anu Universe-City also promotes a host of tutorials, courses, seminars, and tours each of which is designed for y/our ascension. These information channels disseminate insights tailored to meet our psychological, spiritual, intellectual, historical, economic, and our domestic needs.

Finally, in keeping with Anu Universe-City’s commitment to inform, educate, and inspire Black people, that in addition to the book The Meaning of Blackness, we have instituted an online training center where we now hold a range of foundation building courses. There you have another chance to learn the essentials of mathematics, physical science, our-story (history), survival strategies, and other core bodies of knowledge. Again, these are here to help infuse a new wisdom into an awaiting population. As an example, two of the course we have announced are: The AERO Financial Empowerment Training Program and MindScaping thru Divine Communications. We also have scheduled to hold 'LIVE' online lectures on topics like for instance, Restoring Heaven and Why Are We So Divided on the God Thing? More upcoming seminar and lecture series will be announced from time to time, so stay tuned.

Understand that these are not the end of our offerings. They only represent the beginning. In the near future, we plan to collaborate with other progressive individuals and organizations so we can bring you that much more life-sustaining insights... So don't stray too far, and visit the Anu World Unlimited website as often as you can.

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