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--  Survival from a Physical, Mental, and Spiritual perspective  --
(Including strategies and tips for surviving upcoming natural and man-made challenges)
Over the past 15 years or more, Amerika and the world has increasingly suffered a number of natural and man-made calamities. From the horrors of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it seems as though the stage has been set for major social and environmental readjustments to take place, and no one is immune.
At Anu World Unlimited, we believe it is our duty to learn and prepare ourselves, so we might survive those events that are on the way. Whether a terrorist attack on your city with planes, bombs, nuclear material, or bio-chemical agents; an earthquake of 7.5+ or a resulting sunami; a killer snow storm; a long persistant drought; a projected astroid collision with earth; or any number of other catastrophic events, you need to know how to prepare and how to survive.
This is knowledge you, your family and your community might need some day soon in order to emerge from an event with new hope. Anu Universe-City brings these insights to you in hopes that you will learn and spread the word.
Again, the threats are REAL. The time for warnings are over, and as you can see in the News, day after day, people are suffering and dying. Don't be a statistic. Learn and prepare so that you can be a surviver.
To help you prepare, Anu Universe-City presents a series of life saving articles, guides, and courses. The following are just a sampling of what you will find offered over our web-space. Although the offering below is free, we do ask for a small contribution for our newer publications and classes. Revenues generated will go towards helping us to better survey the landscape and farther prepare you and your family before future events become current events.

Articles for your review:
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