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A CD-based Course for Understanding
Why We Believe 'The Lie.' It also includes ways of Overcoming the Madness and Moving into a more Inspired Reality

Restoring Heaven is a 5-part course that explores and exposes the basis of why we can’t find a way to effect a world at peace, or in other words, create heaven on earth (what the ancients called Ta). It begins by examining the foundations of our beliefs, and how many of these beliefs have been systematically infused into our culture as a means of controlling us – our minds and our behavior. Though critical of ‘religion,’ it is important to note that this work does not refute the existence of a Creative Force (God), nor man’s need for God; however, it does separate the man-made cultural institution called religion, from the natural, inherent spiritual domain that has served hu+manity’s interests for more than 10 million years.

The primary objective of this series is to share insights and principles of knowledge, both ancient and modern, which has and will continue to withstand the test of time. It is a knowledge-base that will help us forge a path that leads to restoring heaven on Ta (earth). 

Here are just a few reasons why you need to hear this course:

  • Learn about the source(s) of what we believe is true and divine
  • Weigh for yourself the stories of how and when and by whom the universe was created 
  • Understand how societies and civilizations evolved, and then how they gave way to empires
  • Learn the ‘real’ history of how the ‘modern world’ came into being, and learn about the one source of wealth that made the modern world possible (Black slaves)
  • Listen more about the concept of what heaven is, and how we can and must eventually produce it, on this realm of existence


This Course is NOT YET AVAILABLE. Please check back to get an expected date of availability. Thank you...


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