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Divine Communications

A Course in MindScaping via Divine Communications.

This is a 'live', interactive, online course that teaches you how to master and boost the power of your mind. Just as landscaping can transform real estate into a lovely place to live, in a similar way MindScaping can transform your mind into a divine estate; a place where you can envision a more desirable world, and then proceed to construct it.

Today, because of an alien group’s control over Black populations worldwide, we are programmed through their social institutions to have a failure mentality or mindset. In response to this reality, MindScaping’s underlying theme is ‘to stop letting other people manipulate your life.’ Become the captain of your ship and master of your destiny.

In the MindScaping course you’ll discover powerful and life altering techniques, many of which are part of an ancient body of knowledge that has resurfaced over the past hundred years. In fact, some of the principles presented in this course are currently utilized by psychologists, therapists, and 'motivation gurus'.

In our current condition, virtually all people of color are suffering from memory loss and atrophy of the mind, due to our mis-education. MindScaping re-trains your mind to become re-empowered. It reconnects your mind to the Master Mind of our Creator. Then it helps you embrace a lifestyle that ensures the best, rather than the worse that life has to offer. In this sense, MindScaping is a 101 course for everyone looking to change their quality of life.

Here are just some of the benefits of taking the MindScaping Course…

  • By using these techniques, you can now create the success you desire and deserve.
  • Learn the truth that will allow you to live your dreams.
  • MindScaping presents ways that you and I can change the ‘failure momentum’ we often experience in our daily live, into success energy.
  • Learn how to grow psycho-spiritually so that you can embrace a lifestyle that magnetically attracts the best outcomes.
  • Stop letting others manipulate your life. Become the captain, not the crew of your ship, and then you’ll be able to master your destiny.
  • Through these techniques you will learn how to link up with the God-Force on a sustained basis. As you’ll soon find out, this is knowledge you and so many others have been praying for.
  • And you can start today by registering for Anu Universe-City's MindScaping course. Check us out TODAY!!!


 We are currently accepting registrations for this Course. Check www.anuworld.net for dates and times of the next session. Thank You...


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