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This is a copy of the e-Letter sent to 'conscious' people in my address book. It is presented here for those who have either deleted their original copy, or who never received the e-mail. (Revised 10/2003)



'Consider that young Black men and women now make up more than 25% of the military troops Amerika deploys to fight her wars of expansion. Blacks also make up nearly 45% of the prison population the U.S. economy relies on for neo-slave labor. And, they make up as much as 40% of the unemployed and underemployed the 'bosses of industry' rely on to keep wages low. Given these realities, isn't it time Black people seriously begin considering a new direction, new alternatives, and a new expectation for their social development?'


My name is I.M. Nur and I'd like to bring to your attention, a brand new book--'a must read' for every Black woman and man. It's entitled THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS: Uncovering The Secret of Secrets-The Nature and Destiny of Black People.

From the time I was a young boy, I genuinely wanted to know why Black people were so hated and oppressed, in Amerika and elsewhere in the world. Because of this, the question of 'what is Black' often occupied my thoughts, as it most certainly influenced our condition. You've likely pondered similar questions yourself.

Over the years, I also noted that even as we tried to name and re-define ourselves (from coloreds, to Negroes, Blacks, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, etc.), no thorough definition of Blackness ever surfaced. Fortunately, as I grew up, life presented me with a number of opportunities to acquire insights into 'what' and 'who' we are, not just as a Black ethnic group, but as part of an ordered, purposeful universe. Based on these insights, THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS now encapsulates a body of knowledge that allows us to peer into a wisdom that has been systematically kept from our view. Utilizing knowledge both ancient and modern, this book holistically details the 'what' and 'who' Black people truly are.

As part of our development, most Blacks today realize that if we are ever to fulfill our destiny as a people, we must first come to understand our origin and our nature. To this end, THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS offers a powerful, compelling and uncompromising treatment of these essential facts. For this reason and others, THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS is 'a must read,' especially for those who want an alternative to the current body of "Truth" that projects another people's reality.

Like a song to revive "the souls of Black folks," THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS now provides a clarity that will satisfy your cravings for answers to fundamental questions. It even answers questions we were conditioned to stop asking. As a creation of the mind, THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS was conceived in the desire to know; gestated through thought and study; and, born out of many hours of labor.

Yes, writing this book was a great challenge. However, an even greater challenge today is getting this message into wide distribution throughout our communities, and to do so as efficiently as possible. One powerful reality that works in our favor is the fact that most 'conscious' Black people in Amerika are only three degrees separated from one another. This means that each of us has friends and associates who know a whole set of other 'conscious' people throughout the country. Therefore, if you were to send this e-mail to your people and they in turn FORWARDED it to their list of friends and associates, within just three iterations, most 'conscious' people in Amerika, and some in other countries, will have viewed this message. This is why a friend, or a friend of a friend, sent you this e-mail--in an effort to help spread 'A Message To Black People.'

Now I appeal for your support. Please help us spread this message regarding Blackness and Black people.

If you'd like to help, you can do so in two ways: First, FORWARD this e-mail to your personal e-list of family members, 'conscious' friends and associates; and second, order your personal copy of THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS. You can get more information, including an outline of the book and instructions for ordering your first edition copy, by clicking on or going to our website below:


(Or call 678-270-4003)

Also note that due to the logistical constraints associated with traditional marketing and distribution, most local bookstores won't receive copies of this book until mid-summer or thereafter. So, if this e-mail has sparked your curiosity, you will want to get your personal copy as soon as possible. I can almost guarantee you'll appreciate being one of the first to read this exciting, new vision of Black reality and empowerment.

To further encourage your support, The Anu-World website offers a number of incentives for those who choose to place timely orders. So go to our website and learn more about THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS, our special incentives, and about the Anu-World vision.

Until then, this is I.M. Nur, author of THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS, personally thanking you for your time, your consideration, and your support.

Yours for Truth, Justice, and Self-determination

Hetepu (Peace be with you)

I.M. Nur


THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS: Uncovering The Secret Of Secrets-The Nature and Destiny of Black People

'Let the circle be unbroken.'


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Publications Division
P.O. Box 1121
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