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“Know with certainty that thy seed will be a captive in a land that is not theirs; and shall be enslaved and afflicted for 400 years; and also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge; and afterward shall they come out with great wealth... They shall then go to their fathers and mothers in peace and live to a good old age.”

Genesis 15:13-15



Both prophecy and history support the conclusion that ‘Black people were the first, and we will be the last’ to build civilizations on this plane of existence. This conclusion prompts the logical question: if God is with us, then who can prevail against us?

Yet today, as Hurricane Katrina signaled, and the mounting economic and social decline of America confirms, a major worldwide change is in the air. From my analysis, I have further concluded that the next seven to fourteen years will in fact be our time to rise to power. This is why it is essential that we again start talking amongst ourselves about liberation and self-determination, not about assimilation, accommodation, or merely becoming better Amerikans.

At this time, we need to reconsider liberation and self-determination because just in case you didn’t get the MEMO or see what happened in New Orleans following Katrina, the government of Amerika made it quite clear that we are NOT now, nor ever will be real Amerikans; at least not in the eyes of those who really matter, the ruling class.

Black people's experiences over these past 400 years unambiguously show that our destiny and that of European people and their agents, is very different. Because of this historical reality, we cannot nor should we keep trying to assume white people's destiny. Similarly, they cannot assume our destiny. However, Truth demands that we begin working intelligently and vigorously to make our destiny become a living reality. In this regard, we must understand that for us, there is no other hope. Justice demands that for Black people, and most peoples of color, it is destiny or death... There are no other options.

Know that all stratas in white society are working feverously in their respective ways to dissaude us from pursuing our destiny. The liberals, the conservatives, and even the radical elements are All working to keep us ensnared in the Amerikan web of subservience - hell. At this juncture it is cruical for Black People to realize that we have a glorious and divine destiny that awaits. All we need do is return to Truth.

Fact is, among a growing number of people, both Black and white, it is becoming undeniable that Black people are the people of destiny and that the entire world is entering -- A Time of Judgment. And so I paraphrase a popular saying: If not us, then who? And if not Now, then when?

The knowledge contained in the various publications produced by Anu World Publications, as well as in the seminars and courses reflect our aspirations coming out of a near 400 year captivity. At the same time, this knowledge also reflects aeons of wisdom that is embedded in our DNA. They include psycho-chemical messages that were passed down from generation to generation so that when we were ready for Truth, the chemicals in our blood would serve to awaken an even higher truth and a higher consciousness in us.

Just as the knowledge and information revealed here highlight the nature and destiny of Black people, they also expose the nature and intent of our captor. And as you will see and hear in the following web pages, these are not merely the ramblings of an emotionally affected mind. They provide a well thought-out, salient analysis that points to profound possibilities for our future. So read and listen, and evaluate them for yourself. Then come to your own conclusions.

In its current form, Anu World Unlimited is composed of three (3) integrated divisions:

1- Anu Universe-City (Education);

2- Anu Publications (Editorial and Publication Services); and

3- Anu C.R.S.T.I. (for Personal and Community Development).


Hopefully you’ll find these access portals into our uni-verse of enlightenment, both insightful and inspiring. And do feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or suggestions.

Know that the path that leads to our heaven is just before us; and it doesn't  lead into the bowels of Amerika. Rather, it leads to an enlighted reality our Creator long ago set into motion. All we need do now is change our focus, from Amerika to Truth.

Finally, if you share these sentiments, then come and work with Anu World or with some other positive progressive community organization to help make prophecy come Alive in our life-time...

I pray I'll see you living and working on the path to Truth. 


Hetepu (Peace be with you)

Your Brother in Truth,


IM' Nur


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