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Welcome to Anu World


Welcome to the Anu World Unlimited website. During your journey through this storehouse of knowledge about Black people, you will encounter many interesting and insightful pages containing information on:


  • An introduction to our featured book - The Meaning of Blackness: Uncovering the Secret of Secrets-The Nature and Destiny of a People.
  • Insights into our-story (what most call history)
  • Survival Tips and tactics
  • Financial empowerment strategies (learn ways to go from poverty to wealth; understand you were not created to be poor)
  • Free - Previews of audio lectures by the principal host of Anu World's productions, IM' Nur
  • An introductory subscription to Anu World's Khepera Newsletter
  • An overview of the quality publication services Anu World Publications offers to writers; and,
  • Strategies for building strong and enduring families, communities, and nations.


We strongly urge YOU to enjoy and learn from the knowledge we consistently share through these pages. We also strongly urge YOU to support Anu World, as it is on the frontlines. And from this vantage point, it is making crucial information available to the masses. We realize that there are untold numbers of websites to choose from today--a part of the information overload technique our enemy now uses against us. However, one distinguishing factor that separates Anu World's portal of information from most others is its long-term vision. In essence, that vision is not to show you merely how to deal with a corrupt world and how to negotiate its demands on a captive people (us). Rather, it projects a way out of this world of Euro-centric madness. Understand that we are not talking about a physical exodus right now, but instead, a psychological exodus. We realize that as a people, we have to first re-attune our minds before we can even consider making a physical relocation, en masse. Put another way, the knowledge we provide is not meant to keep you appended to Amerika; but instead, it is designed to liberate you from Amerika: Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically. This represents a holistic escape from more than 400 years of terror and exploitation. 


The fact is that over the past 387+ years, our captivity has been so thoroughly infused into our being that now, in 2006, our children think they are one of the captors, not one of the captives. Thus it is imparative that those of us who still have a genetic and psychic connection to the past, as well as a spiritual link with the future, to step up and contribute our time and resources to help steer our disoriented people towards Real FREEDOM.


The sad fact is that many will hear this call but will fail to act. Some will hear it and have the intentions of acting but will soon forget. Still, we ask those of YOU who can hear and remember, to be one of those who HEAR and ACT in the Now moment where you have power. If you understand that our survival is your survival, you will act now. Otherwise, if we go away, it means that you will have let yet another voice for Freedom and its message of TRUTH go silent. In order for our voice to grow in clarity and remain unmuted demands your commitment to helping us stay alive. And, you can do that by:


  1. Visiting and telling others about our highly informative website;
  2. Listening to our Free - Audio Previews and then ordering those topics that are of interest to you. Note that we have kept the price extremely low to encourage your financial support;
  3. We also encourage you to purchase and read our featured work - The Meaning of Blackness; 
  4. You can also request that your local bookstores, community centers, and cultural organizations arrange to bring Im' Nur to your town for a lecture, book signing or other information inter-changes; and,
  5. You can join those who see the value in what we seek to accomplish and subscribe to our Newsletter. Right now, the Khepera Newsletter is FREE. As a subscriber you will have access to vital segments of knowledge each month and thus be able to stay abreast of upcoming resources and opportunities.


Again, we are here because 'you are here!' -- which is Nbuntu -  I am because you are; and you are because I am


As you'll see, many of our various publications show that the Bible, Qur'an, and most other sacred scriptures indicate that we (Black people/the daughters and sons of Afrika) are, 'the people of destiny.' So, if we are 'the people of destiny', it is incumbent that we step up and learn to become what we must become to fulfill ancient prophecy. Moreover, this is a significant part of what Anu World strives mightily to do; and, with your support we all will succeed in producing a world of our own design; a world rooted in Truth, Justice and Righteousness, as these are the requirements for PEACE.


So stay strong... Stay informed... and Stay tuned for the alternative version of the Truth that Anu World provides. 


Asante Sana (Thank you)




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