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For several years now, Anu World has been here providing information that is essential for the reawakening of Black people. During this time, we have been faced with one of the foundational dilemmas that most of our community organizations are reeling from – limited access to investment capital. Most people call it Money! Since beginning our journey we have had more than 50,000 visitors view our website. Most were people specifically looking for knowledge and information. And so we continue the struggle to promote 'truth,’ ‘justice,’ and 'righteousness', which promotes the ‘ma’ati’ way of living together in harmony.

To help keep this vision alive, I now must call for your direct support. But don't get me wrong. I am NOT asking you to ‘give’ us anything, just to exchange -- value for value. In this spirit, we are asking that ALL visitors to the Anu-World.Com website commit to purchasing at least one item, so we can raise the capital needed to bring you and others, even more valuable information in the coming weeks. It is important to understand that money buys things, and it also buys time; time we can use to research and present crucial life enhancing insights.

At this very moment, many Black-owned book stores and information centers are closing around the country. Those that are surviving find themselves caving into the pressure to sell what sales. Today this amounts to selling a lot of  "street fiction." Unlike in the 1970s and 1980s, non-fiction and core informational books of knowledge are only taking up one or two racks in many Black owned bookstores.

The unyielding truth of the matter is that we ‘vote with our dollars.’ Unfortunately, the larger number of votes are going to support pimping, hustling, drugging, creeping, mindless entertainment, and fantasies of killing. The knowledge of our past, present and future now plays third fiddle to delusions and psychic addictions many of our people currently uphold.

To encourage your choice to support our mission, we have added a growing host of powerful products to our listing. For instance, you can now subscribe to the Khepera Newsletter (FREE), you can purchase one or more of the Black Empowerment -Lecture Series (starting at just $3.00), or you can order formal lectures and radio broadcasts. Plus, you can always purchase copies of the phenomenal ‘must read book', THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS. The point is, we are bringing you value, and we can only pray that you are motivated to reciprocate by exchanging—value for value. If you don't choose to support our website, the message will be clear – you 'vote' to support some other way of moving us to a definite plan to resolve our near 500 year old problem. 

Our modest target is to raise $50,000 in revenues from direct online sales over the next six months. Again, by repackaging our website we are attempting to better connect with you, and meet your needs. By your actions, you’ll undoubtedly let us know whether this approach was effective.

It is also important to realize, we have priced our materials in such a way that cost should not be a factor in your decision to support us. The only other conclusion we can draw, if we don’t see a marked change in support, is that we are just not speaking to you. And since this is our charge, we have to find a better way to connect with you.

From the beginning of this project, I’ve always asked people, whether over the phone, in emails or letters to share with us their comments, questions, or suggestions. This was our way of saying that if we're missing something, please let us know so we can change our presentation of information. And so I ask you now: If there is something I’m missing that will expedite this process of providing information for the upliftment of Black people, please send me an email, letter, or call me to explain what I'm missing; because I really need to know…

Just think of what we could do if each person were to commit to spending merely $5 a month with two or three vital information links. This relatively small amount per person would infuse enough capital into key organizations, capital that would allow them to grow and thus provide even more insightful information to you. The point is that it doesn't take alot from any one person to make a difference in the effacacy and survivibility of our online information portals. And, more importantly that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE -- so please choice wisely.  

For now, I'd like to thank you for listening to this important message. And do check with our Vital Link section for a listing of other vital communications sources in our community.


Hetepu (Peace and Blessings be with you)


IM Nur

Xenti, Anu World Publications



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